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Bulldogs Athletics

Westfield High School


Bulldogs Athletics

Westfield High School

Bulldogs Athletics

Westfield High School

Team News.

Team News

6.0 months ago @ 10:51AM

Softball interest meeting 2-8-22

Softball interest meeting on Feb.8th, 3:15 pm Drivers Ed room. Please pass the word. We look forward to seeing everyone there. 

Please be on time. If for some reason you are not able to make it please make sure someone has your info to put down for you so we get a count on students trying out this year. Please remember you have to wear a mask indoors. 

Have a great week! Coach Fleury

Team News

6.0 months ago @ 12:25PM

Tryouts for the 2022 season

Tryouts for the 2022 season will start on Monday, Feb. 21st at @3:30pm, as of right now.  This is for both Varsity and JV tryouts. We will meet at the softball field weather permitting. Please make sure all your paperwork is done before tryouts. All physicals have to be turned into the Athletic Trainer before tryouts. All Forms can be found here at this link. 

Please contact Coach Fleury if you have questions.

Make sure you have ALL your forms done they are listed on the website.

Also, make sure you have all your softball equipment for tryouts as well as clothing for both cold and warm weather conditions. (Tennis shoes, Cleats, NO shorts) If we are inside you will follow FCPS school guild lines for masks in the building. Please have your mask if we do need to be inside. 

Tryouts will be from 21st-24th.  

We look forward to everyone coming out. Let's have a great season!

Go Bulldogs!!!!!

Team News

7.0 months ago @ 2:46PM

Before Tryouts 2022

Hi All, Very excited about the new season coming in 5 weeks. We have some very important stuff that must be done beforehand. Please get this done before tryouts. Thank you, Coach Fleury


  1. Complete and valid physical after May 1, 2021, on the revised Jan 2021 form. Encourage them to get them turned in early.
  2. Athletic registration completed. One thing of note, if they completed it last year, they will need to make sure that they go in and click to register for this current school year instead of updating last year's info.
  3. Vaccine status – All students are required to either have the covid vaccine or participate in weekly testing. 

Team News

1 year ago @ 3:33PM

Softball stuff that needs to be done before tryouts 2022

Softball 2022 Tryouts

Things we all need to have done before tryouts!!!!!!


1)VHSL Physical dated after May 1, 2021, <--Form found


2)Emergency Care Card <--Form found HERE

3)Participation Policy <-- Form found HERE

4)  Concussion test Education for Students and Parents


If your physician indicates that you are prescribed a rescue medication such as an inhaler or EpiPen, they must be present on the sidelines in order to participate.

Team News

1 year ago @ 3:30PM

Softball Tryout criteria 2022

The following are the key areas the coaches will focus on to determine the roster for the 2022 Softball Varsity and JV teams.

1. Attitude - positive, passionate, obvious that you want to be on Westfield's team, excited for the opportunity, always hustling, listening to coaches

2. Conditioning - stamina, core strength, speed, and agility

3. Throwing - proper Westfield throwing mechanics, accuracy, strength

4. Hitting - proper Westfield hitting mechanics (gap to gap), contact, bunting (slapping), and power

5. Fielding - proper mechanics, fundamentals, and playmaking ability

6. base running - proper mechanics, speed, savvy, and sliding

6. Softball IQ - examples include throwing to correct base or hitting cutoff, understanding game situations, communication